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Engagement for individuals Ready to Evolve

Specializing in relationships, mood (depression, anxiety), trauma, career issues, and eating disorders, along with possibilities for integrating spirituality. I'm a South Asian therapist who also helps other South Asians and people of color with trauma, racial identity, and other emotional concerns. Serving individuals ages 18 and up.

Depression, Anxiety...
Depression, Anxiety, Stress Management & Relationships

Feeling exhausted, frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed, burned out? Do you have trouble remembering who you are without your stressful job or demanding career? Do you compulsively check your phone just to avoid the onslaught of emails awaiting you each day, or are you starting to dread the start of your day?  Perhaps you feel tired of dealing with imposter syndrome, burnout, lack of focus, motivation, or drive. Has it been challenging getting tasks accomplished or prioritizing? Perhaps chronic stress feels like it is taking a toll on you.

South Asian/BIPOC...
South Asian & BIPOC Services

Reaching out for support is an important step, no matter what your background or culture is. For people who identify as brown, black, South Asian, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), or multi or bi-racial, cultural and community stigma have been a barrier to receiving support for far too long. Personal struggles or family problems have been labeled as private matters not to be disclosed. This prevents many South Asians and people of color from utilizing support to flourish, individuate, make positive changes, or dream big. As a South Asian therapist, I have the understanding and experience of cultural influences people of color bring to therapy.

Eating Disorders...
Eating Disorders/Negative Body Image

I have specialized training and experience in the treatment of eating disorders and body image concerns. Disordered eating, binge eating, compulsive overeating or emotional eating, and negative body image problems can feel impossible to break free of without guidance and expertise in these specific areas.

Trans and LGBTQI +

I am a trans informed and LGBTQI+ informed provider who is committed to affirming, inclusive care. I use trauma responsive care in my practice. I believe in collaborative care for all bodies and intersectionalities. LGBTQI+ and all intersectionalities, including gender non-conforming, gender non-binary, gender fluid folx are warmly welcomed.

Trans and LGBTQI...

Meeting You Where You Are

In-Person Sessions

I'm a Charlotte therapist offering mental health counseling in person and virtually. For those in the Charlotte area seeking to connect in a professional, in-person format, I offer 1:1 appointments in a quiet, convenient, comfortable office setting. An initial phone consultation will help us establish the type of session that is right for you. For more information on the building and office location, click below.

Distance 1:1 Sessions

People are on the go more than ever. Due to the shift of services needed during the pandemic, virtual sessions are now in demand, enjoyed, and preferred by many! While there are personal preferences and benefits to in-person sessions, research shows that virtual sessions are as effective as in-person. Distance 1:1 offers the convenience needed for your busy lifestyle or preferences. I'm a Charlotte therapist offering confidential, virtual mental health counseling that can be accomodated to your location and we will choose the appropriate method of service for your needs. Virtual sessions offer the ease of being able to obtain the support you need and connect from the privacy of your own home or individual location. Video appointments can still allow for connection, compassionate care, consultation, strategy and skill building - all personalized to your unique circumstances. 

Individual 1:1 work is effective for many people because you will receive the kind of customized support that is curated for you. I tailor the experience for you and to you. You receive individualized care through assessment, exploration, and insight oriented work. Those who are goal-oriented and high achievers may be looking to set specific goals and actions plans - let's do it! I bring an enthusiasm and deep commitment to you and to our work together, whether we are in person or collaborating from afar.


Just like with in-person appointments, we will schedule an appointment in advance to meet over video through a secure, online platform to protect your confidentiality. Your confidentiality is my priority. For therapy clients, please see the Privacy Policy also linked on the bottom of the page. If we choose to work together, you will be able to review and complete all forms through our secure online portal.

Note: I am Board approved for telehealth services in the State of Carolina:

"No matter how small you start, start something that matters."

- Brendon Burchard

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