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I am a Chicago native and the oldest child of immigrant parents who taught me the value of a hard work ethic and the importance of community. I oriented myself to the world as a high performer and high achiever from the start. My drive to excel led me to law as my first career.

I went through some major life transitions and loss that prompted me to begin seeing the need for compassion differently - both for self and others. I started understanding why compassion and connection are essential to personal growth. At that time in my life, overworking left me so disconnected that I could not see myself or my path clearly. I went to therapy initially, but I was not truly receptive or committed at the time. Instead of addressing what was happening internally, I continued as a workaholic, like many lawyers I knew. For years, I used work and long hours as a trial attorney to escape painful emotions and avoid making actual life changes.

I put on an armor - which was helpful as a lawyer but not as a human - and tried to fit into these various boxes that I had created for myself. Ultimately, I needed to change my thoughts, perspectives, and habits - not just my environment or the people around me. Despite the cultural stigma around seeking outside help, I turned to mental health therapy and coaching for emotional wellness and then career exploration. Today I am a South Asian therapist, hoping to support others on their individual journeys.

I believe strongly in connection and building a support network. For me, one of the benefits of therapy was not having to make those changes alone. I knew I had an objective person in my corner to provide new perspectives and challenge my patterns. Therapeutic guidance, coaching, and career exploration have helped me in my healing process. Through that emotional work and counseling, I chose a rewarding path that fits with my values and personality, and allows me to engage with my clients with humor, warmth, and compassion.

I believe that each of us is already whole and that we can be integrated, vibrant, energetic, and enthusiastic in our lives. Sometimes we need guidance accessing these emotions and the joy that is possible in order to be our best selves. If you feel ready and willing to begin this healing journey together, you will have a partner in me.

Shital Patel | About

“We’re all just walking each other home.”

- Ram DAss

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