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Speaking & Trainings

Looking for a dynamic speaker? Do you want your business or team to feel supported, empowered, motivated, and learn new strategies? 

I am passionate about public speaking and training employees of all industries, and sharing science-backed strategies on how to live, feel, and work better. My experiences include Amazon, Food Lion, and Chicago Public Schools. I specialize in treating and training lawyers and clients in demanding professions how to apply stress management and productivity techniques and well-being and wellness strategies. I enjoy engaging and inspiring others to improve the quality of their lives, be more effective, advocate for mental health conversations in the workplace, and form richer connections in our lives. It is important to 

me to help your group elevate, expand, and excel in meaningful ways, whether it is through work and career, personal development, or both. I have my own transformation story and I would love to hear how you want your group to transform, succeed, and stay invested in your company or organization. Corporate and organizational wellness is more important now than ever. I can help you take your business to the next level and provide support in creative, interactive, and engaging ways. I can help equip clients with the knowledge and tools they need to work productively and effectively, while supporting their well-being. 

I have facilitated events internationally and domestically for entities and professional groups of all sizes, including corporations, lawyers and judges, non-profit organizations, health provider groups, BIPOC groups and organizations, affinity groups, and agencies.

I have experience and expertise speaking on a variety of topics, such as how to talk about race in professional settings, mental health within BIPOC populations, stress management, navigating the pandemic, self-compassion, trauma, burnout prevention, and authenticity in the workplace. I have advised groups and workplaces using a trauma-informed lens on specific topics, such as sexual assault awareness, managing conflict and difficult personalities in the workplace, and diversity and inclusion. I do not use a canned speech - I customize each talk or presentation for your unique team, workplace, or group. 


​Contact me to schedule a call to learn more about how I can add value to your next event, speaker panel, or meeting.


"Shital's event was a wonderful and engaging experience...

I loved the live techniques we paused to do, and really enjoyed the audience engagement. I particularly found the "setting an intention" portion really insightful. I'd always heard of this in passing, but never understood exactly how this technique was used, and why it's so powerful."

—  Houda Gallacher

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