Invest in You

Investing in yourself is the first step to getting the support you deserve and need. 

If you are interested in a workplace wellness consult or keynote/motivational speaking engagement, please contact me directly to schedule a consultation where we will discuss your business needs.

For individual services, please note that all investment amounts are direct pay (also called "private pay" or "fee for service"). We do not take insurance at this time.


There are many benefits to direct pay, such as knowing that your private treatment information will not be shared with an insurance provider and will not be on your permanent health records. Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance here. Services which are filed through insurance remain a part of your records. Direct pay, on the other hand, does not require diagnostic codes, unless you request such documentation described below (the "superbill"). Direct pay allows us to work together without the insurance company being directly involved in your treatment. We need not be encumbered by insurance-required diagnosis code requirements, session limits, treatment or pre-authorizations.  Fee for service allows us to choose the length of session that is customized to your support and scheduling needs. Sometimes you need more than 50 minutes! No problem, we can schedule appointments that best fit the duration you prefer and are clinically appropriate for the care you need. You are not restricted to session duration dictated by insurance providers with direct pay. 

For therapy clients seeking out of network reimbursement, we are happy to provide the required documentation needed by most insurance companies, which is called a "superbill." This document is a receipt for services and will contain the diagnostic codes needed. If your insurance carrier offers reimbursement, you may submit the "superbill" to your insurance provider directly using your out of network benefits. Each person's out of network plan is different, so you are encouraged to contact your insurance carrier for more information on this process if you choose this option. For most clients, the submission process is fairly straightforward. We suggest you contact your insurance provider for information on how to submit for reimbursement and if there are any restrictions to using your out of network benefits, such as telehealth/telemedicine or session duration time.

Therapy clients may also use their flex spending dollars through HSA/FSA cards and request a "superbill" if desired.   


Investment will be addressed in your complimentary phone consultation once we determine what services are best suited for your needs at this time.

"No matter how small you start, start something that matters."

- Brendon Burchard