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You know that the well-being of your company needs to be improved but you are not quite sure how. You ask yourself how do I effectuate meaningful change in our culture to not only stay competitive, but to be a place where employees are thriving, flourishing, and succeeding? At a time when employee wellness is more crucial than ever, employers are recognizing that improving the daily lives of their employees leads to greater retention, enhanced employee morale, and cultivating a healthier and more productive corporate culture. You do not need to be the expert. That is where I can help. My years of experience in law firms and other corporate environments, along with my specialized training and expertise in mental health and wellness, make me uniquely positioned to provide you with guidance and recommendations to your workplace. I know corporate well-being and what is needed to support employees in making results-oriented, purposeful, intentional shifts. Whether you are seeking a trusted professional to refer to for in-house services or consultation, we will collaborate together to improve your workplace health.  

Investing in your employees is investing in your business. Companies can no longer afford to check the boxes when it comes to employee well-being. When you invest in your people, you invest in a culture that values employee well-being beyond the workplace. We understand that when we are happier in our personal lives, that translates to our work lives. I offer unique workplace strategies that are tailored to the changing climate where work boundaries feel blurred by the additional responsibilities and pressures of home life. Having been in the field of employment law and then to mental health, I have been a "workplace happiness coach" of sorts for years, helping individuals create the kind of work-life balance they never thought possible. In my previous work, I collaborated with HR professionals and specialists on the legal aspects of their business and now I am able to use my expertise in psychology and mental health to work with HR and companies to consult and collaborate in creative problem-solving, strategizing, and developing frameworks for success and health in the workplace.

Let us partner to bring these strategies and new possibilities to your employees. We can tailor services to help your company move into wellness and health. Corporate wellness is possible. 

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