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About Me

"The only limits that exist are the limits we place on ourselves. You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible." - Deepak chopra

South Asian therapist / Charlotte therapist specializing in therapy for high achievers, high performers, attorneys, South Asians, and professionals of all backgrounds, including LGBTQ affirming and inclusive care.

When a lawyer becomes a therapist...

My name is Shital Patel. I am an attorney turned therapist. Through my unique background of psychology and law, I bring nearly 20 years of professional work experience to this heart-focused and strategic work. As a former trial attorney and chronic high achiever, I have been through times when I struggled with feelings of overwhelm, burnout, confusion, and lack of purpose. I understand what it is like to get bogged down in the everyday cycles of work, home, prep, rinse, and repeat. Life is more than this. When did we forget to live? Where is my spark?

You can feel the sense of aliveness you've been searching for in your relationships and self. I offer evidenced-based (yes science!) strategies, techniques, and tools to help you live, feel, and work better. A return to you - who you are meant to be and truly are. Through counseling and skills coaching, we will help shift you from surviving to thriving. I can provide that space in therapy to make the transformative changes you are seeking.

What would you envision for yourself if you were to create an ideal version of your life? If you are not certain what your sense of purpose is, what fulfills you, or who you truly need to be to in order to thrive, I will help you navigate this in therapy. I will support you on this path to gain clarity through mental health counseling by using specific strategies and processes of directive self-inquiry. If you are willing and ready to try a different path, I will challenge you around deepening your insights and guide you in taking actionable steps towards change.

Looking to manifest, elevate, ascend, and expand? Welcome soul seekers. I offer the space to explore deeper aspects of self, break your old patterns that are getting in the way, and incorporate spiritual-based aspects, if you desire. It is said that the joy inside of you will be most closely aligned with your soul. Let's break through your mental and emotional barriers and old patterns with compassion, humor, and honesty.


As a Charlotte therapist, I'm able to see clients in person and virtually, including South Carolina residents for telehealth. See the Individual Sessions tab for more information.

"I deeply admire how Shital Patel integrates  her authenticity...

with her clinical expertise in order to create a safe space for those around her to be heard, seen, and understood. She masterfully attunes to your thoughts and feelings, and with humor, can help you deconstruct barriers, and move you from surviving to thriving. I recommend Shital to anyone who is need of such a therapeutic space."

- Aimee Rodolff, Psy. D. 

"Shital created a safe environment for us...

all to come together and learn about emotions and behaviors that impact our daily work. By having personal reflection time as well, we were allowed to think on the advice, stories, and experiences Shital was providing the group at large. A lot of information was discussed in an hour, but Shital made it digestible and actionable. I have already used advice relayed, like the stress management tools.”

- Sam Jankowitz

"Shital was an engaging presenter...

during a very pertinent topic, especially after this year of heightened anxiety and stress.  I found her content to be relevant and useful to help alleviate my everyday work and personal stresses and anxieties. If only we had more time!  She really touched me when she shared that we are too busy as “human doings” rather than “human beings.”  I definitely recommend her to anyone, but especially women in the work force trying to be everything to everyone because Shital will help you understand the misconceptions society pushes upon us.”

- Maite Attenweiler

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